Kate Stewart Design operates a full service interior design agency managing projects of all shapes and sizes. Our aim is to interpret our clients’ dreams to create homes that have soul; homes that are personal and unique.

We also look to enhance the architectural beauty of the homes we work in and to always keep in mind the relevance of the natural surroundings, be it town or country, to ensure that the interior style is harmonious with both the house and its environs.

From start to finish we collaborate on a close level with our clients to ensure the finished product is not only a beautiful home, but one that suits their lifestyle and provides practical, yet stylish solutions to all their requirements. We represent our clients at all levels for the duration of the project to ensure a smooth and efficiently run job.

We appreciate that our clients have different tastes, different budgets and different requirements, so we operate in a way that provides maximum flexibility, tailoring our work to their needs and working with a broad spectrum of suppliers to ensure we can fulfill any criteria.

Tribeca Loft 05 Tribeca Loft 06 Photograph by Rebecca Yale Portraits.

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